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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We Saw Stalin's Penis

Well, we were finally able to post again. It's always a bit trying to find an Internet connection when we get to a new city. Really, it just takes a bit of time to get our bearings (actually for Jake to get his bearings, as Andrea never has hers). It seems like just when we are getting comfortable with a place, we move on, but such is the traveler's life.

Yesterday, we got up at 4 a.m. to catch the 5:30 train from Zakopane to Krakow and then an express train to Warsaw. When we arrived in Warsaw, we walked to the home of our friend Maciek. We met him last summer in Columbia when he was visiting Mizzou after winning a journalism contest.

He had offered that we could stay at his place, but until we walked in his place, he failed to mention that his apartment consists of only a small kitchen, living room and bathroom. There is not even a bedroom. For those who have seen our Columbia apartment, his place makes ours look like a mansion. The couch pulls out into a bed, which is where he and his girlfriend sleep. The only place left to sleep is the limited amount of hardwood floor left over.

Luckily, a couple of Maciek's friends, with a very spacious apartment, offered to let us sleep there. So all is well, and we even got gifts last night and breakfast this morning.

On the sightseeing front, we visited Wilanow yesterday (pictured below). They call it Poland's answer to Versailles. We've never seen Versailles, but the palace sure was pretty. We had also planned to visit a poster museum, but unfortunately it is closed as they change exhibits.

After we rode the bus back to the city center, we were able to get a good look at Stalin's Penis...

"Stalin's Penis" is actually a pejorative nickname given to the Palace of Culture and Science (shown below), a 1955 "gift" from the Soviet Union. It was at the time the tallest building in Poland and was widely viewed as an ugly symbol of communism.

Today, we plan to visit the New Town and Old Town. Also, we booked our reservation for the night train to Prague tomorrow night. The forecast for Prague is calling for highs of about 50.

Speaking of the weather, our host Maciek said this is the coldest May that he can remember. It is apparently freakishly cold now. *Sigh*


At 6:22 AM, May 30, 2006, Anonymous Millie said...

I am so glad you made it to Warsaw without any misadventures. It was nice that you had a somewhat familiar face when you arrived. It has finally cooled down here and rained last night and is supposed to rain most of the day. Let's hope.


At 8:41 AM, May 30, 2006, Anonymous Colleen said...

It's cooled down, but we have yet to see the rain. It hasn't gotten past a few sprinkles here. There is still hope with the rain clouds looming overhead.

I have the garden planted. I planted zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. Harold planted a climbing spinach. It likes hot weather. It's from the Orient.

We have sure enjoyed hearing from you and the pictures are great. Dad and I have a good laugh just reading the headlines.

Have a fun day.

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