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Monday, June 19, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Well, we're all moved in now. Most of our things are unpacked and in their proper places, though there is still work to do. After moving in Saturday, we were unpleasantly surprised to find out that the cleanliness standards of the property management company don't live up to Andrea's expectations. We weren't happy when we realized we'd have to do some thorough cleaning in addition to unpacking and arranging. But we really like our new digs.

This having-a-job thing must be getting to Jake because he sure has been throwing the money around in the past couple of days (much to Andrea's enjoyment). Today we purchased two area rugs, curtains, a gas grill and -- drum roll, please -- a washer and dryer (and not even the cheapest models). We decided to buy a front-end loading washer instead of the traditional top loader. Front-end loaders are much more energy-efficient and water-saving. They are also supposed to be quieter, hold more and do a better job. We hope ours lives up to expectations because front-end loaders have a higher upfront cost.

We're also enjoying being able to cook our own food again. Since being home, we've satisfied our cravings for Mexican, a big salad and gazpacho. And when we were done, we put our dishes in the dishwasher. We feel like rich people. Rich people with a craving for chili beans...

We promise to do a couple more Europe-themed posts this week, including our thoughts on food, bathrooms and differences between Europe and the U.S. and the ever-popular pictures.


At 8:35 PM, June 19, 2006, Anonymous Millie said...

Hurray!!! I am so glad you got your washer and dryer and a gas grill. Knowing what you went through to get your laundry done this last 2 years, having your own washer and dryer will be the ultimate luxury.

Love you,

At 8:19 AM, June 20, 2006, Anonymous Ginger said...

Yes, having a washer and dryer is a necessity. I hated having to do my laundry at Nathan's or my sister's when I was without during my stay in Jeff City. I also remember well how excited I was to cook my own food and have food in the US after returning from France. Have a wonderful week and thanks for continuing to post!



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