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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Bus is the Best

Andrea says: I never thought I would love the bus so much. After battling traffic during my first week of work, I decided to try out the Madison County transit system. I can drive to the bus stop from our apartment in about one minute (yes, I could walk, but I have to go through a busy intersection), and the bus stops right outside my work. It couldn't be any easier. I bought a month pass for $45. $45! I would have been paying that much for gas in a little more than a week. Plus the mileage, wear and tear on my car. (Powerhouse Escort that it is.) Anyway, I've ridden the bus every day for the past two weeks, and I plan do continue doing so. It takes a bit longer than driving myself, but I can read the paper, read a book, knit, etc. It's great. I also feel like I'm doing my little part for the environment.

Jake really likes my riding the bus as well. He for some reason says I was a little stressed out that first week when I was driving myself...

We're both getting into the swing of things at work. We're getting into our routines and feel like we can actually enjoy ourselves in the evenings now.

My mom and Jake's parents both visited us this past weekend. We actually have a bed and an extra room for them to sleep in. It's nice to be able to host people and not have to have them sleep on the couch.

This weekend we're going to get our Illinois license plates. Exciting stuff.

OK, I'm off to watch a Spanish telanovella with Jake. It's his way of "learning" Spanish. He's also reading the sixth Harry Potter book in Spanish, which is pretty impressive actually. He got it for me for my birthday, but I think we know why...


At 9:22 AM, July 13, 2006, Anonymous Ginger said...

I wish I could ride the bus to work from Columbia to Jeff City! I would love the chance to read and not worry about crazy drivers. So glad you are having a grand time. I will have to try to come out and visit you sometime with Dana! I saw your dad in the fireworks stand the other day, and he said you were doing great. Enjoy those Illinois licenses!

Take care,



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