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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Live on the Levee

Last night we went to the first concert we'd been to in quite some time. Our concertgoing days almost ended after the Buzz in Columbia (the original Buzz) went off the air. When it was around there were many more cheap and good concerts at The Blue Note. With the Buzz's demise we haven't been to any rock concerts in a while (although we did find ourselves at a Three 6 Mafia concert earlier this year). During that time, our musical tastes have broadened some, however. For example, Jake is practicing his tin whistle right now. He's getting pretty good, but Jake plus tin whistle equals an end to the quietness of a Saturday at home...

Back to concerts, though. We saw Sister Hazel and Better than Ezra under the Arch on the riverfront. It was free, which is always a big draw for us. St. Louis is putting on free concerts on weekends throughout the summer as part of Live on the Levee. Both put on great shows, and the Better than Ezra lead singer was really funny.

One of the neat things about the concert was the interpreter for the hearing-impaired. We'd never seen an interpreter at a concert before. She would sign the lyrics, of course, but when there were no lyrics going on (which happens quite frequently), she was dancing to the beat, playing an air guitar and banging on air drums. She was really into it. Her job was to express the music, and she certainly did. She was impressive and had to have been exhausted after the show. The lead singers of both bands seemed really impressed. It was obvious they don't see interpreters for the hearing-impaired at most of their concerts. They both commented on how impressive she was. They also tried to throw her off by saying random or made-up words. It was funny.

After the concert, there was a fireworks show. It was a good one, too. They shot the fireworks from a barge in the middle of the Mississippi.

It was the first evening we'd spent in the city since moving here, and we still managed to be home shortly after 10. Sister Hazel started playing at about 6:15, Better than Ezra played at 8 and the fireworks started at 9. Early start times for a concert, but we're not complaining. It just means our early-bird schedules weren't thrown off too much.

Hope everyone is staying cool. This is one of those days when you're thankful for your air conditioner.


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