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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Working Life

Now that we've exhausted our European posts, we thought we'd give an update on our new home and new jobs.

First, the apartment still feels so spacious. Two bedrooms and two floors -- we hardly know what to do with ourselves. We've also noticed that our TV suddenly seems small, sitting there all the way on the other side of the room.

The jobs are going well so far. Jake drives about 20 minutes to get to the refinery at Wood River. He works with a British man who loves soccer and whose accent occasionally gives Jake troubles. One day he asked Jake to place a call about a unit called "Big Car Key" (or so Jake thought). Turns out he was saying "Big Khaki." Jake realized this after inquiring over the phone about "Big Car Key."

Andrea has a longer commute. It only takes her 30 minutes to get to work in the morning, but the afternoon drive home has been much worse. Construction on the Poplar Steet Bridge is adding to her troubles. Some days it's taken her more than an hour to get home. She's going to try out taking the bus, which leaves from very close to our apartment and stops right outside A.G. Edwards. It won't be any faster, of course, but at least she can read the paper, read a book, knit, listen to music, etc., instead of getting frazzled by the barely moving throngs of cars.

She's enjoying her job, though, and also slowly finding her way around the company's huge campus. (OK, she can get from the parking lot to her office, and that's it.)

In other news, Madison County (where we live) is starting to hold discussions on banning smoking in all public places, including bars and restaurants, of course. Columbia couldn't get its act together and pass a ban before we left, so we hope Madison County will get one in place soon.

It's also nice to be in a blue state. It's a big change when your senators go from Kit Bond and Jim Talent to rising Democratic star Barack Obama and Dick Durbin, the Democratic whip. Unfortunately, this means we won't get to do our part to give the Democrats back the Senate by voting for Claire McCaskill this fall. But we get the Post-Dispatch and listen to St. Louis radio, so we still get to keep up with Missouri news.

Happy Fourth!


At 1:37 PM, July 11, 2006, Anonymous Becca said...

Booooo blue states! :0)


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